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Our Mission

At Creamed The Confectionary, we strive to create desserts that are overwhelmingly delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and provide a contrast of flavors. It is our goal to not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but create an experience for you and your taste buds that you’ll remember. Our dedication to building flavors in our desserts is what sets us apart, you can absolutely taste difference!


We take pride in treating all of our clients like friends and family. We enjoy keeping your stories close to help create something that reflects who you are. We will always try our hardest to lead, and help you through the ordering procedure. Meanwhile, we love listening to your options and ideas, as our ultimate goal is to make your dream come true. 

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About Your Baker

Sabrina Lopez Paran

Hi! I’m Sabrina, Creamed The Confectionary! 
I’m a 24
 year old self taught baker with a passion for confections and design. I started working on this passion two years ago and it has snowballed from there!
I make all of my confections from scratch, just for you. Always in small batches, no cutting corners here my ladies and gents! I will always strive to insure your order is exactly what you craved and envisioned, no matter what.

I am married to a wonderful man; he is my partner and person for liife! In addition to being a full time baker, I’m a full-time stay at home mom to a soft hearted two year old, Caspian Reid
He’s the sweetest soul I’ve ever met in my lifetime, and everything I do is in light of him. Mama looooves her boys! 
Moreover, when I’m not baking, or parenting, I’m at the gym. I’m (ironically enough) a fitness fanatic. Cross-fit, to be specific! 
I’m a proud gemini - cancer cusp (yes, I do indeed feel all emotions on the spectrum and my empathic tendency’s are too much to handle most days🤪) With that being said, my heart has an overflowing amount of love for the universe and everything in it! Spiritually is near and dear to my heart, and it has made formed me to who I am today.

It’s extremely important to me that you all know; I’m here to not only be your local baker, but a friend. You guys are the most important part of my business. You aren’t just another order or inquiry; you, your family, the person you ordered the cake for, matter to me!I pour all of my love and intention into these confections. 
If you need tips, a little help manifesting, a friend date or want to talk about what happened in your favorite show, I’m your girl.  Thank you so much for following me along on this journey, I will always be learning and growing! 
Lastly, thank you for trusting me with your confections.. it absolutely means the world to me. 


Creamed, The Confectionary 

Our Confections

Scratch-made, feel good confections, filled with pure intentions. 

At Creamed, The Confectionary we pride ourselves in offering unique and thoughtfully created confections that are fresh, made completely from scratch, and prepared with the highest-quality ingredients. 

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